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Let your beauty flourish....Let it be Amogha


At Amogha, we are keen enough to nurture every aspect of your well being. It began with the opening of Amogha at its prestigious destination Nagala Park, Kolhapur, in 2001. Since those early days, Amogha has blossomed into a pre-eminent retreat where a legacy of excellence continues to thrive. Like a seed that prospers with the Sun's warmth, Amogha nurtures every aspect of your well-being with renowned spa rituals and healing touches as they are treated all around the globe. True to its roots, Amogha redefines the spa experience to harmonize your body, mind and spirit with a fusion of luxury and nature's most precious ingredients.

We provide internal and external treatments for clients. It includes therapeutic based machine treatments as well as homoeopathic treatments for both face and body. Internally we have Nutrition’s, Antioxidants, Homoeopathy. (If client requires we hire specialized person to inject.) We are also specialized in medi-facials.

Externally, we have various types of exclusive machines such as:- Meso machine, High powered ultra sonic machine, IPL(Intense Pulse Light), Oxy-jet, Ultra sonic peeler, Radio frequency, Radio quarterly, LED light extra. These machines are used for treatments like Acne, Pigmentation, Photo-aging, Five Lines, Wrinkles, Brightening, Tightening, Rejuvenation and Nourishment.

Facilitating you with a nurturing and caring environment; we emphasis on treating with dignity, courtesy, patience and respect. We are always open to share ideas and knowledge to nurture your well being.