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Intense Pulsed Light / Super Hair Removal Treatment

SHR is a proven method of permanent hair reduction that allows for safer pain free treatment to a wide client base. SHR delivers low energy light (610-950nm) via rapid pulse (5 per second) to gently and effectively traumatises the hair stem sells, Thus, preventing re-growth.

Research has shown that this gentle and increamental process is more efficient than the high intensity and high temperatures (70°C) that are associated with IPL deliveries better results in treatment of permanent hair reduction.

E-motion technolgy is a breakthrough in safe and effective delivery of SHR light energy in the treatment of both hair reduction and skin rejuvenation.

The light from SHR builds collagen and later on it comes on skin surface and helps to rejuvenate skin. IPL is a kind of light with high energy and broad wavelength within the range from 430nm to 1200nm.

According to principle of IPL, photo rejuvenation technology (Intense Pulsed Lights_ with broad spectrum affects pigmentation, broken capillary vessels and hair follicles.

Hair removal packages in very low prices:

Full face: Rs. 2,500/- per session
Upper lips: Rs. 750/-
Only cheeks and chin: Rs. 1,200/-
Only side locks: Rs. 750/-
Full Hands: Rs. 2,000/- | Half Hands: Rs. 1,000/-
Full legs: Rs. 4,000/- | Half legs: Rs. 2,000/-
Underarms: Rs. 800/-
Back: Rs. 2,000/- | Upper Back: Rs. 1,500/-
Chest: Rs. 2,000/-
Bikini Line: Rs. 2,000/-
Full body (including face): Rs. 10,000/-

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